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Lighting projects through Europe and Asia

Typically our clients require innovative, integrated and sustainable lighting solutions for their large scale projects.

What we do
At Lumitech, we design and commission complex lighting projects throughout Europe and Asia that reimagine how people work and live in the built environment. We believe that real innovation only happens if you’re willing to be brave. Our determination, sharp focus and attention to detail enable us to deliver leading-edge cost-saving solutions across a range of key sectors.
The world keeps moving
and so do we
Headquartered in Ireland since 2004, Lumitech partners with the world’s leading electrical and enginnering companies helping them deliver unique cost-saving lighting systems for use in data centres, the hospitality industry and large scale commercial projects.
Lighting and cabling solutions
We pride ourselves in helping our clients deliver their vision through leading edge lighting and cabling solutions. Our policy of full engagement turns clients into partners and builds relationships that thrive in our fast-moving technological world.
We believe that real innovation only happens if you’re willing to be brave
Our determination, sharp focus and attention to detail enable us to deliver solutions for the fast moving technological world.
Structured cabling
We design cabling systems that are pre-assembled in Europe, tested and ready for installation on site.
Lighting controls
The use of appropriate lighting controls helps maintain the right balance between function and mood in the business environment.
We ensure that our luminaries are efficient, reliable, cost-effective, ergonomic, electrically compliant and environmentally sustainable.
Quality management
Lumitech’s is a quality driven organisation with a corporate vision to provide innovative products and services to our clients in compliance with the European ISO-9001-2015 standard.

Quality in design, project delivery and client care underpin our reputation as a leading supplier delivering complex projects throughout all regions in which we operate.

Key to our success is our constant investment in our people, supply chain and in the latest innovations in technology.

We don’t only satisfy quality system requirements to deliver the best possible service to our clients – we continually aspire to exceed them.



Lumitech’s total commitment to the environment and a sustainable future for all underpins every aspect of our system designs, product designs, supply chain and commissioning philosophy. At Lumitech we believe it is critical that we play our part to improve the quality of life on our planet.

Lumitech is certified to ISO 14001:2015 the highest internationally recognised standard in environmental management and of this achievement, we are truly proud.

People, Wellbeing and Safety
Lumitech is committed to creating a working environment where safety, health and wellbeing is the top priority. Lumitech is certified to ISO:45001 2018, the standard for management systems of occupational health and safety.

Our goal in adopting ISO:45001 is the reduction of occupational injuries and diseases, including promoting and protecting physical and mental health.


Engineering design and development

Unique problems require unique solutions. Our highly experienced engineering team have tackled numerous design, implementation and site issues by bringing clarity of thought and leading-edge technology to the fore.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most appropriate, cost-effective, sustainable and practical solutions.

Our Partners