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Structured cabling, lighting controls, luminaires

Our services
Our goal is to provide our client with most appropriate cost effective sustainable and
practical solutions.

Structured cabling

We design cabling systems that are pre-assembled, tested and ready for installation on site. This ensures that faults are minimised, commissioning is simplified and last-minute changes can be completed easily without disruption.

Imagine the productivity benefits of having the cabling systems ready to plug and play as each phase of the construction is completed. In fact most of the installation can be completed by electrical engineers with the minimum of experience in this area.

Lighting controls

Every organisation has a responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees and lighting has a key role to play in achieving this important goal. Our interaction with the outside world changes with the fluctuation of natural light throughout the day and the use of appropriate lighting controls helps maintain the right balance and mood in the business environment.

Lighting can an expensive utility but that can be much reduced using a range of motion detectors and controls that ensure whatever the situation, lighting is being used to its optimum effect.


We spend most of our day in a workspace that is flooded with artificial lighting. Its negative impact on productivity has been well recognised so therefore it is vitally important that we recreate natural daylight for the benefit of our employees and their wellbeing.

Modern luminaires are highly efficient and long-lasting delivering a colour balance that best reflects the needs of those working in them thus forming an integral part of the built environment.

Productivity gains
Our award winning and innovative designs deliver huge cost savings on all projects.
reduction in installation time
Our partners

Over the years we had a pleasure of working with various suppliers and we have built strong relationships with all high-quality producers. We believe in growth through collaboration and transparency.

Our clients

Lumitech provides services to data centres, the hospitality industry and large scale industrial projects. We worked across 4 continents, 27 countries, 59 cities and delivered innovative lightning systems that surpassed our clients’ expectations.