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Lighting controls

Save electricity and protect the environment

Lighting control
Controlling your lighting is usually the easiest and most visible way to manage your energy costs while increasing the functionality of your space.

Lighting control strategies such as tuning, dimming ,occupancy sensing ,daylight harvesting and scheduling all help reduce global environmental impact.

Save money
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Lighting is responsible for nearly 21% of the annual electricity cost in a typical commercial building.
  • Automatically turn off lights in vacant spaces
  • Use only the amount of electric light needed
  • Report light fixture functionality to facilitate optimal maintenance
Create a more flexible space

As the needs of a space change lighting and shading zones can be re-configured without rewiring making the reconfiguration of commercial space a simple process.

Increase staff wellbeing

Every organisation has a responsibility for the wellbeing of their staff and lighting has a key role to play in achieving this important goal.

Our interaction with the outside world changes with the fluctuation of natural light throughout and the use of appropriate lighting controls help maintain the right balance and mood in the business environment.